Springtails live in the soil and when local populations get large enough, they’ll migrate up and onto homes. If allowed to live on the home, they’ll end up inside on baseboards, windows, countertops, tubs, showers and sinks.

In some cases they can enter through drain lines and if given the chance, can live down the drain too.

For springtails in the sink, apply 2-4 oz of SURVIVORS once a week down the drain. This will remove their food supply. To kill the ones active, spray PT-221 down the drain as needed.

PT-221 can also be applied to baseboards, around window ledges and other surfaces where you see activity.

For large homes with ongoing issues inside, apply BIFEN IT to the baseboards and other areas where springtail activity is noted.

Outside the home apply BIFEN GRANULES to the turf and spray over the top with CYONARA RTS. This must be done monthly for any long term results. Springtails take years to develop and will take 3-6 months of ongoing treatments to get control of an established problem.

Be sure to renew inside treatments as needed. Springtails are easy to kill but will keep entering until you kill enough of them outside to stop the invasion.