For ants in the home, apply MAXFORCE ANT GEL where you see activity. Placements should be small, about the size of a grain of rice, and spaced 1-2 feet apart.

Throughout the rest of the home, apply PT-PHANTOM AEROSOL to baseboards, around doorways and windows sills. Phantom is a non repellent, slow acting chemical which ants won’t detect. But within 2-3 days of walking over the treatment, they’ll die. This treatment will both kill current ant nests and prevent new ants from getting established.

Since ants come from outside, you need to treat the exterior foundation with PHANTOM EC. Mix 3 oz per gallon of water and treat every 1-2 months to prevent new ants from entering.

Lastly, apply MAXFORCE GRANULES in flower beds, mulch areas and alongside walkways where ants like to nest. This granular ant bait will be consumed by all ants and within a few days, kill their nest.