CARPENTER ANTS CARRYING EGGFor carpenter ants active in the yard, apply ADVANCE CARPENTER ANT GRANULES to your turf where you see ants walking and foraging. They’ll readily find your offering, feed and die before they can get nests established.

Once the ants are on the home, you’ll need to spray. If you know where the nest is located, dust it with DRIONE DUST. This will provide an instant kill.

If the nest location is unknown, treat with non-repellents. Spray your foundation with PHANTOM CONCENTRATE using a PUMP SPRAYER. Treat the foundation and all areas where activity is seen.

Inside the home use PHANTOM AEROSOL and CARPENTER ANT GEL. The aerosol should be applied to cracks, crevices and baseboards. Apply small dabs of the gel where you see them foraging. The gel will be brought back to their nest, shared with their young and in 5-7 days, the entire nest will be dead.